Ultra high resistence petrol pipe by Casa Performance (100cm length)
Product Code: X159b

Ultra high resistence petrol pipe by Casa Performance (100cm length)

Supplier: Casa Performance
Suitable for: Lambretta + Vespa
Country of Manufacture: Italy
EUR € 8.95
GBP £ 8.00

Product description

This is the new ultra-high resistance petrol pipe by Casa Performance.

Tired of using other petrol pipes that kept drying out and hardening in next to no time, we decided to go and get our own made. Once we had worked out the material needed, we had our own petrol pipe made and this is perfect for use with all modern fuels. It will remain supple over time and has a working temperature range from -70°C up to 130°C! Another feature of this amazing pipe is that it is also designed to be used in tight angles where most pipes would kink, or collapse. On the contrary, the inner diameter of this Casa Performance pipe remains constant so you won't suffer from fuel starvation. 

This is perfect for any Lambretta S1 + S2 + S3 + GP / DL + Serveta, Vespa or motorcycle that uses a 7mm internal diameter pipe.

Supplied in a single 100cm length section.

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