10/12/2019  Check out the NOS Serveta Jet200 in the Current Work page here on the site!

NOS Serveta 200 anyone? Originally found abandoned in a Naples warehouse, where it sat unloved, open to the elements, this amazing scooter is currently under the spanners in the RLC workshops for a complete clean up and polish. Once finished it’s doubtful it’ll ever be used or have petrol put into it, but that’s down to the current owner to decide.

For us, it’s been fantastic to work on it. Magic!


Friday 29rd November is the start of RLC's amazing Black Friday Sale! A MINIMUM discount of 10% will be applied to every single item we have on-line in the shop's website...and that rises to a WHOPPING 50% in some cases!

And by EVERYTHING, we mean EVERYTHING....whether it's a partially built 'SST265 Touring' engine. a brand new V-Special Lambretta, or an original central wheel carrier! When you proceed to Checkout, all items you have in your on-line shopping Cart will automatically be discounted by 10%! And this is an ADDITIONAL discount for items already discounted on the website!

04/10/2019  Year round storage for you scooter or motorcycle here at RLC in Italy!

CLASSIC SCOOTER, CAR AND MOTOCYCLE STORAGE IN RIMINI! Several times a year we have a lot people coming over for various events, such as the Milano -Taranto, Moto Giro d’Italia, Tre Mari and the Mille Miglia. Some people transport their vehicles down here just prior to an event but that can be costly, coupled with the possible risk of damage in transport.

Over the years, more and more people have chosen to leave a certain vehicle in Italy on a permanent basis, so that – in theory - at any point, they can arrive, collect it and then partake in their chosen event. Once that’s over the same vehicle goes straight back into storage.

Rimini Lambretta Centre now operates out of two very large industrial units in the Rimini area, on Italy’s Adriatic coast. One is our shop HQ, complete with full workshop and dyno facilities, staffed by qualified engineers. Following requests for this type of storage service, we have now decided to offer secure year round parking for customers’ vehicles in the second building....but with something extra.

Whereas some similar places simply offer just storage facilities, we offer a much more. Not only do we offer secure storage for your vehicle, we can also keep it serviced and in tip-top condition. And that doesn’t just mean keeping batteries charged or tyres pumped up; we can carry out ANY servicing work and repairs for ANY scooter or motorcycle. So whether it’s a Lambretta LD150, a Vespa GS160 or a Gilera Saturno 500cc you wish to store with us, rest assured we’ll look after it as if it were one of our own vehicles. We can also store all your riding gear.

The vehicles will be kept in a clean, dry, ultra-secure building and we can guarantee your machine will be perfectly ready for when you arrive to use it. Clean, mechanically perfect and with a full tank of fuel.

There is no limit to the amount of times you can collect and use your vehicle in a year. We have great collaboration with a number of very classy, but economical hotels in the direct vicinity so we can also organise accommodation if you need to stay for a night when collecting or dropping off your vehicle.  

Storage is just Euro 2.00 per day, for a scooter or a motorcycle. Cars cost Euro 4.00 per day. All servicing, preparation and mechanical work is carried out at normal RLC workshop rates (Euro 50.00 per hour).

So great food and drink, amazing weather and superlative riding experiences in the most beautiful country in the world are simply there for the taking. What are you waiting for? Call us to organise the transportation of your scooter or motorcycle down to us here in Rimini for some TLC. Italian style.

For more info, contact us :  or call us on 0039 0541 686449 (Ext.1) workshop hours.

18/09/2019  NEW! 'CP One35' conversion kit for all J Range and Luna Line smallframe Lambretta models!

NEW!!! We have just released the all-new CP One35 135cc conversion kit for all smallframe Lambretta J50, Lui 50C/CL, Lui 75, Cento, J125 3-speed and J125 Starstream & Super Starstream 4-speed models. This is a plug ‘n’ play conversion kit offering unprecedented out-of-the-box performance for any smallframe J Range or Lui /Vega/Cometa, irrespective of original engine size.

Currently the only mass-produced kit for these models is the ‘Casa 75’ which puts out just 3.5hp! The CP One35 puts out between 10-12hp (depending on exhaust used) in standard, untouched format, with power delivery being very linear. Performance is on a par with a very good Lambretta GP200 and there’s loads of bottom-end torque on tap. That unloved Vega 75 or J50 that you have lurking at the back of your garage instantly becomes a perfectly useable scooter for both commuting and rally-going alike.

We have done massive testing of the kits over the last 18 months, with some truly epic trips being undertaken. As one person put it, “You’re prepared to go and break down in the middle of nowhere so we don’t have to!”

All J50, Lui 50, Lui/Vega/Cometa 75cc, Cento, J125 and Starstream models share an identical base gasket design and that means that this kit can be fitted to any of these models, as long as a 48mm stroke (100cc-125cc type) crankshaft is used.

The specifications of the new CP One35 kit are as follows: nicasil lined die-cast high-grade aluminium barrel, multi-port, purpose-made graphite coated 60mm Meteor piston, 4-petal reedvalve inlet, one-piece rubber inlet manifold, multi-point cylinder head fixing and a 4-stud exhaust flange mounting (two of which are in the original positions). Each kit comes complete with studs, a full selection of gaskets and all necessary fixing hardware.

The code for the CP One35 kits is X807 and the cost is just €485,00/GBP £433. The kits are available directly from us here at Rimini Lambretta Centre, or can be ordered from any Casa Performance dealer worldwide. Let the fun begin!

We have also published a VERY thorough File with all info relative to the kits! This can be viewed HERE 

TESTING 28MM DELL’ORTO CARBS ON THE SST265 TOURING SET-UP! Due to the requests we have had from customers, we are busy getting carb jetting tables for the various small sized carbs, including the Dell’Orto PHBH 28mm you see in the photo. We’ll keep you posted on the outcome and the fuel consumption of these carbs compared to the bigger ones we normally use.

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